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So who are we?

There's always a story behind any company's genesis, Busanga Safaris has been the natural evolution for the McKeith family.

As a lifelong wildlife enthusiast, a chance conversation led single parent Tony and his young son Tyrone on an exploratory safari to Zambia's Kafue National Park.

The overwhelming beauty, space and epic wildlife encounters on that adventure had a profound and lasting effect. That led to many return visits in the years that followed. 

Their enthusiasm for the Kafue resulted in Tony creating a small single safari operation. And so Busanga was born, with a tagline true to its purpose…

' fantastic wildlife in wonderfully wild places.'

Success came by word of mouth and pretty soon, those first guests were back, and others followed, interested in hearing about our new ideas. So began the careful development of a selection of alternative safaris and wildlife tours, each created from personal experience and each, as a priority, offering a most varied and exciting wildlife experience. 


As the company evolved from a hobby to a busy safari operation, Tyrone was growing up and had begun his own inexorable path, obtaining a degree in Conservation Ecology in Kent. But this was only the beginning. Tyrone's investment in his passion for the Kafue resulted in the creation of Jeffery & McKeith Safaris, consisting of two safari camps; Musekese & Ntemwa, globally recognised for their quality experience which is undisputedly reinforced by the incredible passion and extreme dedication of Jeffery & McKeith's conservation of the wildlife of the Kafue. 

Jeffery & McKeith Safaris have established Musekese Conservation Anti Poaching Unit, providing training, vehicles and a state of the art base camp for more than 20 Zambian Wildlife Officers to operate from. 

These developments are Busanga Safaris', and Dad's, proudest legacy.

Africa is our first love, but it's a big world out there. Today Busanga creates safaris of all kinds that are as diverse as the planet's wildlife. From the Galapagos to Brazil, from Canada to India, we continue searching for the planet's very best and most unusual wildlife. 

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Tony is the heart and soul of Busanga Safaris..................




Wildlife Adventurer, with an incredible attention to detail ........................... 


Tyrone lives and breathes safari.............................



Clare's passions include art and Spain............................ 


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