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"land of the Ganda people"

Mountains shrouded in a dense and milky mist. Rainforests so deep, the beating chests of primates make for the wildest concerto. A kaleidoscope of tropical birds perch, sing and call from the canopies above. As you track through these ancient forests of Uganda and Rwanda to experience face-to-face encounters with mountain gorillas, you'll understand how one loses words when in proximity to these magnificent beings. 

Both Uganda and Rwanda offer a range of varied and very special wildlife experiences.
We can offer extended periods of time in the company of both gorillas and chimpanzees.  Imagine experiencing a day in the life of a family of Chimps. The savannah and mixed habitats of Uganda provide another dimension to this safari. The Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to many of Africa's key plains species including lion, and in the wetlands and marshes Uganda offers one of the very few places on the planet where those most prehistoric of birds- the shoe bill stork- can be found.

We truly understand what can be achieved from a safari in this region and We provide both small group and private tailor-made itineraries with absolutely everything taken care of from start to finish. 

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