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'The vast place`

Vast and immensely intriguing, we could easily lose our hearts here. With desert-adapted species like Gemsbok that are as beautiful as the golden dunes they traverse, and elephants as rugged as the ancient outcrops that adorn the desert, Namibia is so much more than a pure wildlife safari destination. It is a place of unparalleled dramatic beauty and intensely simple grandeur. This is a country that demands and deserves one’s time in order to fully appreciate its majesty. How incredible, then, that Namibia is one of the few places in the safari regions of Africa where self-driving is both possible, and easily achieved. 
The dry and arid Namib desert commands the entire length of Namibia’s coastline. Swollen with fiercely high dunes and sheer drops, amidst placid sandy beaches, this spectacle of raw nature, untouched and virtually devoid of human activity, is devastatingly beautiful. Immersed in such untamed terrain that stretches astronomically far back in time. Bearing north to the Skeleton Coast, your footsteps and tires are shared only with the other creatures that inhabit these shores. Among them the sleek leopards, cheetahs and caracals, as well as giraffe, gemsbok and springbok. Cape fur seals number in the hundreds of thousands, whilst flamingoes paint the landscape a neon-pink. Here, humans are few and far between.
Keep your camera close, too, as travelling inland to Etosha's white soil and watering holes, this area is a magnet for wildlife and full with opportunities to immortalise all that you see. Further to the east is the gentler Bushveld, with relaxing flat sandy stretches that reach into the rich and lush Caprivi Strip, a conduit of immense wildlife and minerals. 
Busanga is blessed with a long and close relationship with one of the country’s most experienced private safari operators and so can offer an outstanding level of advice and assistance for every kind of Namibian safari. Drop us a line or call to start planning this epic experience
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