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"Kingdom of mountains"

A journey into the untouched rainforests of Central Africa will leave you looking at the world differently. It is a place where mysterious lush jungle is inhabited by indigenous tribal people. Where mind-boggling wildlife, including Gorilla, is encountered whilst trekking beneath thick canopies of tropical rain. The Congo and Central African Republic (C.A.R.) are not for the meek and mild, but rather for those who understand wet and humid is a bountiful expectation and delayed flights and bumpy roads are part and parcel of this truly otherworldly experience. It is a place where 4 x 4s, and your own two feet take you to the deepest, darkest parts of the jungle. This is the appeal of the Congo- one of the most exhilarating places on earth. 

A safari here entails jungle treks through dense tropical foliage in search of the jaw-dropping Western Lowland Gorillas. While occupying the same space as these magnificent primates, you will be immersed completely in the experience of observation as you glean their enormity and awesome presence. Just as special and extraordinary are the encounters with the B’aka Pygmies. Extremely rare opportunities to join them in a hunt for food into the forests- not contrived for tourists but rather as a window in to the lives of these people of the forest- is possible. The clearings and Bai’s of Dzanga Sangha in C.A.R. afford further great visions of forest elephants, bongo, and other small mammals. Tropical rivers and streams abound with red river hog and various smaller primates. Onward, be your own Dr. Livingstone discovering the place where forest meets savannah in Odzala and the deafening sounds of tropical birds fill the forests and open skies. 

We are recognised experts at planning, arranging and guiding safaris to this region. 

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