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Ask Tony what got him into doing what he does and you get a refreshingly honest and straightforward answer. Quite frankly, that simple honesty is also the perfect metaphor for how he runs Busanga Safaris.                                    
"A child of the Attenborough generation", inspiration was drawn from documentary television programs. It was a wonderful stroke of luck that Tony's childhood town was also home to Windsor Safari Park where his understanding mother would oblige this little boy's unwavering curiosity with trips to this park over and over again. 
As Tony grew up, it became evident his ambitions were never to amass money, but rather to explore the world. In his early 20s he found himself a single father of a two-year-old son, Tyrone, and from this point forward, Tony made it his mission to raise his son with the same worldly lens. So it seemed nothing exceptional to this dad to bring little 'Magoo' with him on his own adventures, exposing him and all those in his life to the wonders of the world. 
From the mountainous terrains of China to the Congo's deep forests, travel was part and parcel of Tony's existence as he sought out wildlife in these far-flung countries. There was a certain inevitability to Tony's future. In 1999 Busanga Safaris was born. Initially, a 'hobby' forged from his thirst to 'share' such epic experiences, and then a means to supplement Tyrone's University education.
 Busanga's first decade saw Tony living and working in the African bush, including managing a remote camp in Zambia's South Luangwa. 
Today, Busanga Safaris thrives in precisely the way Tony has dreamed- small and intimate, genuinely engaging, and a company predicated on providing its guests and all wildlife enthusiasts with opportunities to experience the unusual, the less-commercial and incredibly diverse itineraries. 
Always available to answer any questions relating to your safari and especially happy to talk endlessly about the wildlife you are likely to see or may wish to encounter. Tony personally leads several set date safaris each year which he enjoys enormously. 
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