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Much as the Zambezi River wends its way through Zambia so, too, does Zambia flow through Phil Jeffrey. Coursing through his blood are childhood memories of a happy time spent in the Luangwa Valley in eastern Zambia where his dad worked for Save the Rhino Trust and Chinzombo Safari Lodge, later as regional director for WWF. Phil's story takes shape years before his birth, however, as his Rhodesian born mother and Ugandan-born father would both be raised and live their lives between Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Botswana and Zambia. It was here in the Kafue running a bush camp on Lake Itezi Tezhi Phil was conceived. Born to these wildlife researchers and conservationists, he inherited the same tireless love for the world's creatures. As the family home would relocate to Lusaka, Phil was to set off on his first adventure abroad: England's West Country, where he would be schooled. 


Though term-time was spent in England, every summer Phil returned to his native Zambia where he reunited with his African heritage. Over the years he garnered an immense wealth of wildlife knowledge which led to his studies at the Durrell Institute of Conservation Ecology in Kent, England. Here he met his future business partner with whom he'd realise his dreams of running a superior safari operation: Jeffery & McKeith Safaris. His limitless passion for the bush drove Phil to attain the highest professional guide qualifications and as such has been at the forefront of safari guiding and initiatives to support anti-poaching activities in the Kafue.


Phil possesses talents that go beyond his encyclopaedic knowledge. It is his remarkable, almost unnerving, intuitive understanding of wildlife behaviour that astonishes, enthrals and renders speechless those who meet him. In our opinion, however, his greatest asset is his demeanour. Phil Jeffery is a true gentleman: a man who stands, removes his cap and shakes your hand. Alongside this chivalry is a genuine humility matched quite closely by comedic genius.

Currently, Phil is working hard to promote Musekese Conservation whilst maintaining the global reputation that Jeffery & McKeith Safaris and its' two camps, Musekese and Ntemwa, have established. Further to this, his expertise in planning and guiding has made him a firm favourite with many of the world's best known wildlife documentary makers who are managed under the ‘Reel Nature' banner, a part of the Jeffery & McKeith Safaris family of wildlife companies. 

A guide, a pilot, a conservationist, Phil offers the best in possible safari experiences for our guests. 

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