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"Land of the great river"

Our home in Africa.
Here, you’ll be spoiled with small intimate camps dotted across the expansive wilderness. You’ll be immersed in terrains of thorn thicket and cathedral woodland, broad plain, rocky outcrop and river valley. From the Luangwa valley of the East to the remote plains of Liuwa to the west, the south’s Lower Zambezi, and the lush habitats of the north’s Kasanka, Zambia simply takes your breath away. However, it is the spectacular Kafue nestled between it all that cradles some of the country’s most majestic animal and bird species. From leopard, lion, and wild dogs to elephant, sable, hippo and wildebeest, still, too, is a throng of exquisite birds for the keen ornithologist. These myriad landscapes and astonishing wildlife are no doubt why Zambia is also home to some of the very best guides in Africa. 
Zambia, this is real Africa. 

Click on the link above to the various parks for all the inspiration you’ll need!

We cannot recommend enough that single phone call, which will give you a real feel for what to expect in Zambia. From camps to wildlife, we’ll talk you through it all in order that we find your perfect safari.
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