This is Rebecca’s personal precept and it encapsulates exactly who she is. A true ‘collectivist’, the whole of her life has been guided by an intense desire to make a difference to the lives of people in need and at fostering ecological harmony.


From a young age, her love for the natural world morphed into something greater than herself. It was this sense of proximity and connectedness to it that lead to voluntary work as a young adult with environmental and humanitarian organisations including WWF, Green Peace and Habitat for Humanity. At age 15 Rebecca seized an opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and quickly discovered a love for travel and culture. By 18 she was taking up volunteer posts in Mexico and throughout Central America, fulfilling her thirst for exploration whilst working on projects improving sanitation, education, and sport in less developed countries. 


It was at the age of 21, however, when Rebecca’s life changed irrevocably. Sailing into the Kenyan port of Mombasa, she was overwhelmed by an instantaneous sensation of feeling she’d ‘come home’. Consequently, this ineffable bond has seen Rebecca travel extensively throughout East Africa where the magnificent people and ecology of this continent have embedded themselves deeply into her heart. Twenty years on, and though her heart is bound to Africa, her insatiable appetite for all cultural and wildlife immersion has seen her navigate journeys across the expansive United States, China, Japan, the highlands of Vietnam and fishing villages of Malaysia, as well throughout India, Brazil, and much of Europe. 


Today, Rebecca works for Busanga Safaris as a travel consultant-cum-vessel-of-joy. Her innate ability to disarm anyone with authentic joie de vivre, and a genuine empathic disposition has allowed her to forge bonds with all whom she engages. Time and again this is demonstrated in the way she listens deeply to each and every guest, taking on every query and concern as if they were her own. Your joy is truly her joy.

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